facebook wisdom

Really good stuff  here by Steve Cornell.  Here’s an all-to-true paragraph, and some helpful questions.

“… Facebook photos often play a role in the darker side. Since Jesus taught that the eye is a gate to sin (Matthew 5:28-29), we should be careful about subtle dangers in photo viewing.

Young girls, in particular, enjoy posting their photos. Their self-portraits often number in the hundreds! When I was young I could only get a girl’s picture if she “liked” me and wanted to “go out” with me. Young men can now access endless pictures of girls that would never like them or go out with them. Some photos are fun and harmless; others are edgy and seductive. Do young girls realize the potential dangers in this? Would they be disgusted by Facebook stalkers pouring lustfully over their pictures? Are they too gullible to think this would happen? Or, do they find a subtle form of satisfaction in the possibility of guys enjoying their pictures?

Sometimes Facebook photos seem like self-portrait on steroids! It’s so easy to post hundreds of pictures of yourself! Why wouldn’t people want to see you in every possible pose? We must not allow Facebook photos to become an outlet for self-absorption.

I have no interest in projecting motives on anyone but merely offering these concerns for reflection between you and God (or, if you’re under your parents, between you, your parents and God).

A social media prayer 

Before using social media, offer this prayer: “May the words of my mouth (or my fingers on the keys) and the meditation of my heart (or the photos I post) be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer” (Psalm 19:14).

Questions for deeper reflection:

1. Do you check Facebook in the morning before checking in with God?
2. Are you disappointed when people don’t respond to your posts?
3. Do you waste too much time on Facebook?
4. Do you use Facebook to avoid real life contact?
5. Do you use Facebook for intimate conversation with the opposite sex under the guise of counseling?
6. Do you use Facebook to complain about life or people?
7. Are you always truthful and loving in the things you post?”


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