What’s Your Perspective?

Wow.  God is good.  Every second of every day that is proven but this week, my eyes were opened to see more of His goodness through “What’s your perspective?” week at Appalachian!  The gist of the week: 120 or so students asking their classmates, friends, anyone who would listen a question a day using  a tool called perspectives cards to facilitate discussion and an event Thursday night where Dr. Bill Dunham presented on the topic “Can we know God’s perspective?”.  Meanwhile students signed up for hour long blocks to create a 24 hour prayer chain Monday-Thursday to cover the event in prayer.

There’s a main hub on campus known as Sanford Mall where, when the weather is nice, literally hundreds of students hang out on the grass, talking, studying, hammocking, or tossing frisbees.  Tuesday through Thursday, God gave us perfect weather 70’s and sunny.  Many conversations were started just by sitting down with people who were lounging in the grass.  A student and I went up to two girls lying in the grass one day and told them what we were up to and they said “Oh, we need to sit up for this!”  haha, I thought it was great!

Usually to introduce what we were doing I’d say something like “hey, we feel like there are some big, ultimate issues in life that everyone thinks about but rarely do we talk about.  We often talk about sports and the weather but this week, we want to engage in conversations about spiritual things, God, human nature, all that…  do you have time to share with us your perspective?”  And not once did anyone say no!  This generation is caught up in surface level conversations, fake friendships, but they have lingering questions inside and they long to talk about real things.

Sanford Mall

We had a facebook group where everyone could post stories to celebrate what God did during the week, here are a few posts:

I can’t believe how many people on campus really want to share what they believe and are also interested in what we believe. Today I got to talk to a guy named Dave who went through all 4 of this week’s questions at the table. Afterwards he turned and asked us what we thought and after a couple of us shared he went on to say that he loved this idea of talking about life’s big questions and he loved that we as Christians were doing the asking instead of the talking.  -Madison
Today was the first day I was really able to do the perspective cards. And it was really incredible. I ended up working the table and people really do want to talk about these things. I also realized just how complicated people’s pasts are and how that has affected what they believe and how complicated it usually is. Talking to people today renewed and fortified my faith a lot and also gave me hope for App students. They want to know and they want to learn.   – Renee
My roommate and I went out last night to do the human nature question with a couple of people. We ran into my friend I met in a class freshman year, but rarely ever see. We talked to him and his girlfriend a little about the question and I invited him on Thursday, but it was a pretty short conversation overall. Today he messaged me on facebook with a question about what I had said. Please pray that this conversation can be ongoing and that I’ll have the opportunity to share the Gospel with him in a clear way. -Marisa
Hey guys just spent some time in the prayer room. Truly one of the best nights of my life.  We sang, prayed, and read scripture together. I have such a better understanding of what prayer is and the real feeling of it. I just want to thank God for putting me in that situation tonight and I want to thank all the CRU people who got this organized and planned. Also Would anyone be able to go do Perspective cards with me tomorrow around 3:45? – Aaron
Today Emily, Hannah and I went out and had three conversations with students. They were all good conversations but the first one was the best. We talked to these two guy on the mall and they were open and honest. After asking for their opinions we continued to talk about Christianity and God. They were interested and willing to have a real conversation with us. As we were walking away one of the guys stopped us and said he wanted to thank us because most of the “christians” he had met only yelled at him and held up posters that condemned him. He told us that we were really nice and caring and he appreciated meeting Christians who just wanted to listen and hear what he had to say. – Jennie

It was incredible to watch students involved with Cru share their faith with others on campus, pray together, and just unify over this Great Commission that we’re all called to.  I couldn’t believe how bold they were!  It was also heartbreaking though as I had conversations throughout the week with people who believe all organized religion is evil, people who believe there is no absolute truth, and people who have suffered abuse judgement and ridicule from the church and now refuse to consider a relationship with God.

Students who stayed for Q and A after "Can we know God's perspective?"

More about perspectives cards:  http://perspectivecards.com/

More about ASU Cru: http://asucru.wordpress.com/about/


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