Things I Learned While Buying a Car

Eeyore (my old explorer) served me well.  It had 207,000 miles most of which I put on it.  The drivers side door didn’t open from the outside.  The windshield wiper fluid stopped working about a year ago, no not ran out, stopped working altogether.  It had so much engine noise that I got asked about it fairly often and someone mistook it for a diesel once.  And lets not even talk about gas mileage.  Sooo, I got a new-to-me car about a week ago!!!  It was an adventure/awful/why is it so hard for me to make decisions?  But it was kinda funny too.

Lessons Learned:

1. Don’t ever, ever go inside the office at a car lot, its like the Bermuda triangle in there.  I stayed at one place for two hours and I wasn’t even interested in the car they were trying to sell me.

2. If you decide to test drive a car when its 100+ degrees outside, check the gas gauge BEFORE driving off the lot.  Similarly, gas cans cost more than I think they should.

3. It takes approximately 3 years to drive from Myrtle Beach, SC to Hope Mills, NC.  No idea how many miles it is, but it takes almost as long as getting out of the car lot office.

4. If you buy a car from an individual and agree on it, and shake hands, and arrange to pick it up the next day, they can still call and say they didn’t really want to sell it.  😦  So actually I bought 2 cars during this whole process, one of them just got unbought.

5. Upon getting  a new car, I’ve realized how little I cared about my old car.  Before I could care less if I parked too close and someone hit it with a door, if it got tree sap on it, or caught fire and rolled off a mountain, but now, suddenly, I’m trying to avoid those things.

So after 5 million craigslist adds/car sales sites, 1 kitten rescue, 2 days off work for Terry, and 1 drained savings account, here’s my new ride:

On a much more serious note, I’m so thankful to my dad for helping/pushing me into this necessary step and for walking me through the whole process.  And intensely thankful that God provides abundantly more than I need.  mmm, grace.



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