Campus Crusade for Christ is now called Cru and I had planned on letting this whole name change thing blow over.  Then I saw the barrage of postings, comments, tweets, and even had a couple conversations with real live people about it and so I’ve decided to share a few thoughts just for clarity.

Things that have changed:

–          We are now Cru.

Things that have not changed:

–          My job description.

–          our mission (Our Committment)


Please, please realize that the only reason we’re doing this is to have opportunities to talk to MORE people about Jesus Christ.  He reigns.  He is mighty.  We are not denying Him before men.  We are as committed as ever to the Great Commission and to being people who proclaim Jesus’ name, not just saying we are those people.  Many extremely fruitful and effective ministries and churches do not have Jesus’ name in their name.  Centerville Baptist Church is one example, no Christ in the name but a church with biblical teaching, filled with warm people who believe the Gospel and want others to as well.  I’m sure you can think of many other examples.


Campus Crusade for Christ has, over the years, developed many other ministries like Here\’s Life Inner City and The Military Ministry.  Because those aren’t on campuses, and negative/offensive connotations of the word crusade, we wanted to drop those two names.  So if we drop campus and crusade, then we’re just called Christ, and I feel pretty sure that just saying ‘hey, I’m with an organization called Christ’ is a little weird/wrong/sinful/I’m not Jesus.  SO, we went with Cru.  Individual campus teams have the jurisdiction to be called whatever they want, within reason; so Appalachian State and many other ministries have been Cru for a while since college students often abbreviate titles and the whole name was a lot to say or type.  No one ever intentionally set out to take Christ out of the name.


If you still disagree with the name change, that’s ok and to some degree I understand your concerns.  I’ll admit I was not excited about our name changing.  However, I’d encourage you that you’re right, Jesus Christ’s name is the only one that matters, and we just want more opportunities for people to hear about who He is.  I’d also strongly encourage you to read this or watch some videos  of my leaders addressing concerns with the change. I respect these people, their walks with the Lord, and am called to submit to their leadership.  They have been seeking God on this decision for years.


If you are a friend, family member, supporter, or even a complete stranger, I’d love to discuss this change with you personally. Please send me an email, give me a call, or come on over, I’ll give you coffee, we’ll talk, it’ll be great.  I’m deeply grateful for all the people who partner with me both financially and through prayer and I want you to feel heard on this.  I understand that not everyone will agree with this and that is ok but please don’t condemn us as individuals or the organization without hearing from us about why the name has changed.


For a far more eloquent view on this issue from a former Cru staff person: check this out




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