If you care about God’s will for your life, read this book.


I was going say “if you can fog a mirror, read this book”, or “if you have a pulse read this book” but both sounded a little strong.  Just a little though.  Here are a couple of my favorite quotes:

“I’m not trying to squash all your hopes and dreams- really.  I’m all for big risk taking dreams (as you’ll read shortly). I’m not against people leaving their unhappy jobs to take a shot at what they really love.  But as a counterweight to the “make your dreams come true” stuff of graduation speeches, we need the firm reminder that many of us expect too much out of life.  We’ve assumed that we’ll experience heaven on earth, and then we get disappointed when earth seems so unheavenly.  We have little longing left for our reward in the next life because we’ve come to expect such rewarding experiences in this life.  And when every experience and situation must be rewarding and put us on the road to complete fulfillment, then suddenly the decisions about where we live, what house we buy, what dorm we’re in and whether we go with tile or laminate take on weighty significance.  There is just too much riding on every decision.  I’m pretty sure most of us would be more fulfilled if we didn’t fixate on fulfillment quite so much”

“Hearing from God directly can be important and legitimate, but I certainly wouldn’t treat a special impression from the Lord as more special than the sure word of the Lord found in the Bible.”

To review what we’ve learned today:  1.  buy it 2. read it  3. walk more freely with Jesus



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