birthdays, scarves, and snow sleds…

I went home to surprise these two birthday boys this past weekend and it was well worth the 10 hours of driving!  While I was there, we had two birthday parties, added goats to the farm (I use the term farm quite loosely), ate boiled peanuts, and saw some of the extended fam!  Not bad for three days.

In other news, I’m learning more and more about winter in Boone, here are a couple tidbits:

– if you move to a cold place and ask for scarves for Christmas, you may need to install new hardware in your house to hold them all.  true story.

– Eyore will not be clean until summer, I’ve given up completely.

– Today’s forecast:  Hi: 45 Lo: 31.  Cloudy and cold with areas of rain and pockets of freezing rain and sleet – and I saw the following on campus: girl in chaco sandals, two people in shorts, several people in snow pants, and everything in between!

– You know you work at App. when any given stairwell contains a collection of sleds.


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