Life Lately

  • I was at a conference after Christmas where I heard about a website some Campus Crusade staff from UNC Chapel Hill put together.  Its called The Ehrman Project and it looks like they’ve put a lot of work into starting some dialogue about the Dr. Bart Ehrman and his teachings.  I have a couple of friends who have been negatively affected by Ehrman’s class and/or books and I was glad to see this resource.  Check it out.
  • I get to be a part of this awesome trip this summer and I’m getting more and more excited about it!  (more to come later)
  • This post from the blog “She Worships” was a good reminder for me.  Its on Proverbs 14:4-  “Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean, but abundant crops come by the strength of the ox.”  which is a verse I would totally chalk up to farm life and breeze right by if I were reading Proverbs, but her take on it is really comforting to me.
  • I’ve finally settled on a church here in Boone, I’m going to Alliance Bible Fellowship.  I’ve tried out a couple of small groups and am really looking forward to getting to know people there and serving somehow.
  • Today I was leaving my apartment and two of my neighbors were looking under the steps and seemingly very concerned.  The guy said something to me about a raccoon and being the friend to all things furry that I am, I just kept walking.  Then both neighbors kind of freaked out and told me to hurry.  When I got down to where they were in the parking lot they informed me that raccoons are nocturnal and if you see one during the day, its probably rabid.  So coming back to my apartment after dark tonight, there was the normal stresses of – are the steps icy?, do I have my keys out?  did I lock my car?  and now the newly added stress of – is the rabid raccoon going to pop out from under the stairs and attack me?


so that’s my life lately.



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