my new place!

The past couple weeks have been great! Found an apartment, support at 100%, transition to campus, meeting lots of students, figuring out Boone, and this new phase of my job- all really fun but also really tiring!

And now as I watch Jimmy Clausen actually hold his own against New Orleans I’m finally reflecting on what has been a crazy couple of weeks filled with changes! Here are some observations:

-App’s campus is really nice, don’t know what I expected but I’ve been impressed by the place
– I got Chinese milk tea on campus one day this week, a fun surprise
– people have constantly asked if I have four wheel drive, a big winter coat, and what kind of heat is in my apartment… scary.
– “we’re pretty obsessed with mountains around here” was a direct quote from a student involved with crusade and very true from what I’ve seen (we\'re hiking how far???)
– I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing what God has for my time here and what He’ll do in the years to come!


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