I’m lovin’ it

The other night I was out with the folks and we’d eaten a late breakfast and lunch so it was around 9pm and we were hungry for dinner.  Enter trusty old McDonald’s, the only thing open past 9 in a small town.   We drive up, order three burgers, one with no meat, three fries, three drinks.

McD’s employee: that’ll be 17.56

my dad: $17 for three hanburgers, at McDonald’s??

McD’s employee: yup.  prices went up.

my dad: uh ok.  man.  (at this point my mom and I are both giggling because my dad never says anything back to waitresses, cashiers, etc. but hasn’t been to McDonald’s in a long time and was completely floored by the price.)

we pay and drive to the next window as instructed.

2nd McD’s employee: that third burger… NO MEAT??????

my dad: yes.

2nd McD’s employee: what you want on it?

my dad: everything else.

2nd McD’s employee: how you do that?  how do you make that??

my dad: (agitated by this point…) well, you just act like you’re making a hamburger, and you put everything on there BUT the meat, leave it off.

by this point we’re laughing pretty hard.

2nd McD’s employee: WHY???

me from the back seat: seriously?

my dad: because she’s a vegetarian. can we have our food?

then we finally got our $17 worth of  burgers and I realized once again how weird my eating habits are.

pretty hilarious though.


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