its complicated.

sleep and i are not getting along very well lately.

we have this on-again, off-again relationship and its really not healthy for either of us.  i go for a while and sleep’s great. then all of the sudden, its like i offended sleep and it is cold and ignores me.  why sleep?  i like you, a lot.  we were cool last week.

then i try to get sleep back on my side by getting really comfy, right temperature, no tv or computer all bright and annoying, and nope, sleep is still upset with me.

so then i’m all like, “fine sleep, i don’t even really care about you anyway, i don’t need you, i’m fine on my own”  and to prove it- i’m going to watch some tv.  so the 11pm and the 1am episodes of good eats come and go, as does baseball tonight and some flipping of the channels, i wish golf was on at night so maybe i would be bored to sleep, it isn’t.

so then i try to work things out with sleep, i do kinda miss it. and this tv grass isn’t greener, even if alton brown in incredibly witty.  so back to the bed, dark room, comfy-ness, but my brain won’t quit thinking thoughts, my eyes won’t stay closed, sleep is still not hanging out with me. come on sleep, i have stuff to do tomorrow!  don’t you miss me too? remember back when we would hang out for like 8 hours a day?  sometimes more?  me too.

repeat the “i don’t need you process” all over again, this time with the computer, read blogs, facebook, shop online for sheets (i don’t really need sheets).    and finally updating my own blog, ha that’ll show you what a jerk you are, sleep.  now everyone knows that you’re not cooperating with me!  well, the three people who read this blog will know.

oh well, guess i’ll go try to reconcile with sleep once more…


One thought on “its complicated.

  1. haha i love it! the post, not the sleeplessness. i’m gonna pray right now that your mind will quit running when it should be resting, and that your body will let you sleep! (For He gives to His beloved sleep Ps. 127)

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