back from the east…

This morning I rode my bike to Singletary Lake and spent a few hours being alone and quiet with God and reflecting on summer project.  I’ve been home for a whole week now and can’t believe this is the first time I’ve intentionally taken to sit still and think, oh America, why are you so distracting with your baseball on tv, people cooking out all the time, and really fast internet?!  Anyway, onto the reflecting.  I wish i could at all sum up everything God is doing, all that He’s shown me over the past 6 weeks, all that He taught the people who were with me and what all He did through them in East Asia, but I just can’t express it all!  So here’s what I’ve got:

I went from sleeping here:

to sleeping here:

from hot and humid:

to a week of rain and then 70’s and nice everyday:

I left the woods:

and hit the campus:

I went from eating this:

to eating this:

Most importantly –

Students in East Asia went from death to life!  From darkness into His marvelous Light!

So now I’m back, life is comfortable, I miss East Asia and the friends, both American and Asian that I made, I’m grateful that God let me have some really great experiences and I’m looking forward to finishing up ministry partner development and moving to Boone!


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