its true, i’ve created a blog.  if you’re curious, here are a few reasons for doing so:

– i like blogs, love to read them, read several daily, and often want to share things i see on other blogs.

– the last time i had a blog, i was a sophomore in college, and it mostly centered around bible verses i liked and my plant, horatio.  i was not very disciplined, had no real focus, and horatio eventually died, so the blog ended as many of them do after a few months of me not posting and then forgetting i had the thing altogether.  this one is partly because i want to persevere in blogging and do better this time.

– i’m really bad at keeping up with people, hate the phone, and don’t write letters/emails often enough.  i know its not the best method but hopefully i can keep up with friends, family, and supporters to some extent through this blog.

– i’d like to share stories and experiences from my time at appalachian, once i get there.

– lots of people i admire have blogs and update them regularly and encourage me without even knowing it.

– maybe, just maybe by the grace of God, something here will push someone one step further toward the Gospel.

so there you have it, a few reasons for starting 2:48.  we’ll see what happens!


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